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For the life of me, I can't find my booklist from last year.  I could try to reconstruct it, but that'll prove rather difficult, I'm afraid.  So, I'll keep searching, try to remember what I can and, in the meantime, have a book review:

Bonnie Ramthun's Earthquake Games.

I sometimes come across a book that's so horrid it makes me want to mail it to Rush Limbaugh just so he can suffer as I did, reading it.*  Earthquake Games falls into that category. 

The story had potential, until Ms. Ramthun butchered it.  I'm sorry to say that her atrocious writing style killed it.  On one page, near the end, a blur blurred into, one assumes, a blurrier blur.  She did this frequently, with other words, and if I had my copy with me, I'd post examples.  Every couple pages had an error like this and I frankly wanted slit my throat via papercut with its pages.  Her writing also flowed like the river Anhk-in other words, not at all.  The only reasons I pulled myself through her blocky prose were that I'd almost reached my hundreth book and it was December 29th.  The characters also seemed lacking, in some respect.  Possibly, they simply couldn't stand up to her poor writing.

Don't get this book.  I'm sorry I even bought it second hand, though I suppose it's my own fault for buying books at the library's two dollar per bag sale.  They're leftovers for a reason, I guess.

*Mind you, I'm not sending him this one, even as a joke.  Ramthun's politics come off as far more moderate than his, but I think he might find room in his lard-laden heart to enjoy this one, seeing as he's minus a brain.
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