Mar. 27th, 2010 12:30 am
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I finally found last year's booklist while excavating my purse for keys.

Now you get to marvel at my amazingly poor taste in reading material. I mean, there's some good stuff on here, but, really, I waste so much time on mental junk food.

1. There's a Slight Chance I'm Going to Hell-Laurie Notaro
2. Nothing's Sacred-Lewis Black
3. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People-Toby Young
4. Darwin Awards II-Wendy Northcut
5. Joe Hill's short story collection (I neglected to write down the title and it's not good enough to look up, IMO)
6. The Whore's Child-Richard Russo
7. Carpe Jugulum-Terry Pratchett
8. The Dilbert Principal-Scott Adams
9. The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents-Terry Pratchett
10. If Every Month Were June-Tony Bender
11. Bag of Bones-Stephen King
12. Some random book of urban legends, I can't recall either the exact title or the author.
13. The Resort-Bentley Little
14. The Association-Bentley Little
15. Beyond Black-Hillary Mantel
16. On Writing-Stephen King
17. Everything's Eventual-Stephen King
18. The Brethren-John Grisham
19. Amityville Horror-Jay Anson
20. Under the Overtree-James A. Moore
22. Chayatocha-Shane Johnson
23. Pyramids-Terry Pratchett
24. a really surreal book about terrorism, I didn't write anything down about it but that it gave me the 0_o face.
25. Tiger Eyes by Judy Blum which sucked much harder than I remembered
26. Another book by Scott Adams, which title I didn't record, for some reason.
27. Floating Dragon-Peter Straub
28. Soul Music-Terry Pratchett
29. The Haunting of Hill House-Shirley Jackson
30. Neverwhere-Neil Gaiman
31. Animal Husbandry-Laura Zigman
32. Black Sunday-Thomas Harris
33. The Hellfire Club-Peter Straub
34. Ghoul-Brian Keene
35. Strange Wine-Harlan Ellison
36. The Devil's Labyrinth-John Saul
37. The Return-Bentley Little
38. The Right to Write-Julia Cameron
39. The Right Hand of Evil-John Saul
40. The Graveyard Book-Neil Gaiman
41. Bad Things-Tamara Thorne
42. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty-Anne Rice (who should pay dearly for this crime visited upon the written word.)
43. The Testement-John Grisham
44. City of Bones-Cassandra Clare (no, I didn't pay for it, thank you very much, I checked it out from the library)
45. The Soul Thief-Charles Baxter
46. Mr. Hands Gary A. Braunbeck
47. Ghosts, Beasts and Things that Go Bump in the Night-Kit Duane
48. Ivy Cole and the Moon-Gina Farago
49. Ambrosial Flesh-Mary Ann Mitchell
50. A Three Dog Life-Abigail Thomas
51. Absorbing Spongebob by someone who should be spanked by a big, angry German guy, before the world for writing this thing.
52. I was a Rat-Philip Pullman
53. Plum Spooky-Janet Evanovich
54. City of Ashes-Cassandra Clare (and please don't ask why I read the whole series, as I'm not sure, myself. Curiosity killed the me.)
55. Confession of a Shopaholic-Sophie Kinsella
56. Another random, mediocre novel by Janet Evanovich, I didn't write down the title.
57. Wicked Things-Thomas Tessier
58. Keepers-Gary A. Braunbeck
59. Quenched-Mary Ann Mitchell
60. Dogs of Babel-Carolyn Parkhurst
61. Come Out Tonight-Richard Laymon (I actually wanted to dig this guy up and re-kill him for writing this. Cruel though that sounds, it really did suck.)
62. The Reckoning-Sarah Pinborough
63. Benighted-Kit Whitfield
64. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan-Sopie Kinsella
65. The Secret History-Donna Tartt
66. Dying Breath-Wendy Corsi Staub
67. The Ignored-Bentley Little
68. Writ in Blood-James A. Moore
69. Tower Hill-Sarah Pinborough
70. Creepers-David Morrell
71. Shopaholic Ties the Knot-Sophie Kinsella (I'm shocked I made it this far into the series)
72. Industrial Magic-Kelley Armstrong
73. The Demonologist-Michael Laimo
74. Anne Rice's second "sleeping beauty" atrocity
75. The Scold's Bridle-Minette Walters
76. The Hidden-Sarah Pinborough
77. The Pack-James A. Moore
78. Dark Carnival-James A. Moore
79. Desolation-Tim Lebbon
80. Fetish-Tara Moss
81. The Black Swan-Mercedes Lackey
82. Blind Submission-Debra Ginsberg
83. Dante's Equation-Jane Jensen
84. The Hollower-Mary Sangiovani
85. Found You-Mary Sangiovani
86. The Charmed sphere-Catherine Asaro
87. The Misted Cliffs-Catherine Asaro
88. Finger Lickin' Fifteen-Janet Evanovich
89. City of Glass-Cassandra Clare
90. His Majesty's Dragon-Naomi Novik
91. Flights of Angels, I neglected to write down the author.
92. Night Pleasures-Sherrilyn Kenyon
93. Storm Front-Jim Butcher
94. Twilight Zone-Carol Serling
95. Tower of Silence-Sarah Rayne
96. Carpe Demon-Julie Kenner
97. Helping Me Help Myself-Beth Lisick
98. The Keepsake-Tess Gerritsen
99. Earthquake Games-Bonnie Ramthun (I've already reviewed this one, a few entries down.)
100. Lost Souls-Poppy Z. Brite

I supplemented this with the first hundred or so pages from Undomestic Goddess, by Sophie Kinsella, which sucked so hard I kicked it out and into whatever godforsaken garage sale bin it may have landed in, absolutely everything on Creepypasta.com and various websites, articles and textbooks that I don't remember specifics about.

Imagine what I could do if I cut the junk food from my literary diet.



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