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Not long ago, I flew for the first time. I did so in a helicopter flown over the royal gorge by a former air force guy. Miraculously, I didn’t shriek, throw up or do anything otherwise embarrassing during our admittedly wild ride, though the last couple loop-de-loops made me a bit woozy. I feel compelled to say that I also got more than a bit nervous when we narrowly missed scraping a peak in the first few minutes.

Still, no hysterics, no air sickness bags, no need to change clothes, afterwards. All in all, not bad for someone who hates and fears heights, under normal circumstances.

My younger brother, who rode with me, felt compelled to try the sky coaster in the park proper, when our sojourn in the helicopter finished. I sat that one out, since I’d already tempted fate far enough for one day. I’m pretty sure I chose wisely, since I think it freaked even him out, at least at first, when he pulled the cord and cursed so loudly everyone in the park heard him.

In non-fear-and-adrenaline-based news, we also saw baby barn swallows on our trip. They had passed the typical homely stage that baby birds go through and honestly, I think my teeth melted from the cute when their mother flew by and fed them. The pictures didn’t turn out, sadly. They resembled little blue and white fluff balls.
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