So, I just learned that everyone's good old friend Phelpsie, champion of 'the least of these' mentioned in the Bible* protested at the memorial service of one of my brother's friends.  I already hated Phelps as much as it is possible for me to hate anyone.  The man is a right rat bastard and as far as I've ever been concerned that God-hating** old ass-ramming shitspike can suck my non-existant balls and go to the hell he so happily condemns everyone else to.  But this is interesting, having it strike so close to home.  Frankly, if I'd been there I'd have gotten some people together, if I could, made some protest signs to mimick his and protested his ape-licking ass right back.  Not like there's any shortage of things to protest about Fred Phelps.  Not all of them would fit on a picket sign with font big enough to read, but all the same.  I think a nice, big "Fred Phelps is an Idiot," written in the rainbow hue of the gay pride movement, would do nicely.  

At any rate, the Patriot Guard riders*** apparently showed up and sang.  The police showed up, armed to the teeth, and the whole place was surrounded by firetrucks.  Then, wouldn't you know it, it was discovered that Phelpsie and his clan had forgotten to register a permit to picket the service.  They left in a hurry after that, escorted by policemen toting assault rifles.  My brother, who is still very upset about the death of his friend,**** thought the whole thing was beyond awesome.  Frankly, I'm pretty thrilled myself.

At this point, about all I can say is: God rest the souls of the people whose funerals Fred has desecrated and may God also kick some Westboro ass in the near future.  Seriously, if anyone even needed smiting, Phelps does.  I'm more or less inclined to advocate forgiveness of our enemies, but Phelps is one person who I'm not sure I can, in good faith, do that for.  After all, he doesn't want to forgive others of what he sees as their sins.  I'll leave it up to God to decide what to do with this false prophet.

*The sarcasm, it burns!

**Yes, really.

***Who, incidently, rock my fucking socks off, if you'll forgive the phrase.

****a girl he once dated, not too long ago. :(



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