Not long ago, I flew for the first time. I did so in a helicopter flown over the royal gorge by a former air force guy. Miraculously, I didn’t shriek, throw up or do anything otherwise embarrassing during our admittedly wild ride, though the last couple loop-de-loops made me a bit woozy. I feel compelled to say that I also got more than a bit nervous when we narrowly missed scraping a peak in the first few minutes.

Still, no hysterics, no air sickness bags, no need to change clothes, afterwards. All in all, not bad for someone who hates and fears heights, under normal circumstances.
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I should have known better than to go out with the sky looking like it did, all gray and skuzzy, threatening or promising a downpour at any minute. I don’t like driving in any weather, much less in a deluge, but I hadn’t eaten all day and I figured I might as well go get dinner before the storm hit.

I’m late a lot, I should mention.

The first grumble of thunder rolled down from the sky just as I pulled in to the parking lot. By the time I’d gotten what I needed and ran, the rain had started to come down like fucking meteors. I made the, perhaps unwise, decision to wait in my car until the clouds closed back up again, but the wind and the rain, together, just kept coming harder and I figured I’d sit there forever, if I didn’t hurry up and just go.

If deciding to hang out in my car while the little rainstorm around me worked itself to a tempest wasn’t the smartest thing I could’ve done, leaving at just that moment might just qualify for the title. The wipers on my piddly little Taurus could barely keep up with the violet onslaught and I’m surprised I didn’t wreak. I spent the whole time gripping the wheel like I thought it wanted to escape. Afraid that I would run headlong into someone equally blinded by the storm, I clung to the roadside, occasionally slipping my passenger-side wheels into the already-flooded gutters, sending up great gouts of rainwater.

I got home in one piece, if only just, and parked my car as the far end of the lot. I opened the door for maybe two seconds before I had to slam it closed, again. The rain had started coming down, if anything, harder than before. The lot had flooded just enough that I dreaded walking through it so I again decided to wait it out and see if conditions improved.

I didn’t hear the tornado sirens right away, in part because they don’t have the same rising and falling cadence as the ones I’m used to at home. In fact, they sounded a lot like the howling wind that accompanied this storm. When my nerve-wracked brain finally put two and two together, I leapt out the car so fast I’m surprised I didn’t sprain something. Soaked to the knee, I ran to the nearest building, until the sirens stopped blaring.

I needn’t have worried-the tornado would have hit another part of town, if indeed it had hit at all. I’m hearing now that no one actually spotted a funnel cloud. That’s comforting, certainly, if a great deal less exciting.
In news you don't give two hairy fucks about, I just lit a tea towel on fire. I used it to pick up a kettle I'd set on the stove and I smell something like roasting marshmallows. I set the kettle down and this towel has burst into flames on one side. I doused it before I could light anything else, myself included, thank God, but the kitchen still smells vaugley like burning sugar. I'm going to go drink my tea and try not to have a panic attack.


Jan. 8th, 2010 10:25 pm
I have a strange memory. I can't remember what I had for breakfast today, but I can remember books I checked out from the library years ago, I can remember whether or not I read them and I can remember, basically, whether or not I liked them, even when I can't recall the basic plot or characters. I remember commercials from my single-digit years, but I can't remember dates or other important things. I had a massive struggle remembering to do my homework in high school and early college, or even remembering that I had any. I think I'm just a weirdo.

I do remember, though, that I need to get my booklist posted. If only I could remember where I put the notebook I wrote it down in.
I has a new adoptable site here. I think I'm doing this because I don't want to do anything like, you know, study. Or do any actual work. This tends to happen when I have important deadlines-I wait until the last minute and get myself worked into a frenzy.
I've done a bit too much reading lately (as if such a concept existed-ha!) and I went somewhat overboard at the library the other day. I've got so much to do, too, but they all looked so good...Well, who needs sleep, anyway, right? I'll manage, I suppose, as I have so far. After all, school-wise my life has improved greatly over the last few months and reading didn't slow me down in the least.

Have a very happy Halloween and don't eat too much chocolate.
Wow. I haven't used this journal in ages. In fact, since I last updated, I've gone back to college, at a different school, changed my major, tried working in foodservice, part time, taken a hellish math class and read roughly 80 books. The latter doesn't seem like much, now that I've written it all down, but it felt like it while I was in the process.

Anyway, my point is, "hello, everyone, again."

Don't get the flu and have a happy autumn.
I hate finals time so, so much.



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